Free MWLDs Care Package

Are you going through a tough time and need some cheering up or support? Look no further! I'm chronically ill and I know not everyone has a great support system like I do, so I'd like to pay it forward. 

Each care package will be either a polybag or small box that is full of whatever you're needing at the moment. Each item in the bag/box will be handpicked and handmade just for you with an included hand-written note. 

To be considered for a free care package, please fill out this form: 

This is 100% free and all funds come out of my pocket, so any donations for materials and shipping costs would be greatly appreciated!$MWLDss   Venmo | MWLDs

Fulfillment depends on my health and means to fulfill but since launching this, 92 care packages have been sent out! If eligible, you'll receive an email confirmation with tracking information once your care package has shipped. Actual care package contents will vary as they're personalized just for you.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day! 💞


And now the legal stuff, courtesy of the bad eggs who tried to take advantage of me.

Disclaimer: Please note, filling out the Google Form does not guarantee you'll receive a care package. Care packages are fulfilled when means available. No product physical, digital, or otherwise is promised by submitting a Google Form entry. Care packages are limited to the United States and if the shipment is stolen, no replacement will be issued. Contents do not include a warranty (unless noted) and contents have no cash or resale value.