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Phone Card Caddy Base with Interchangeable Murder Insert

Phone Card Caddy Base with Interchangeable Murder Insert

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Two-in-one silicone phone pouch designed to fit credit cards, IDs, or cash that also features a removable microfiber screen cleaner. A 3M adhesive strip attaches the Card Caddy to the back of your phone. The soft cleaning cloth gently cleans dirt and finger prints from your screen.

ALL MWLDs phone caddy faces are interchangeable! Simply take out the removeable microfiber cleaning cloth and swap it with the cleaning cloth from another caddy. This allows you to quickly change your style without sacrificing the adhesive of the card caddy!

Each card caddy is handmade with love in Grand Junction, Colorado. ❤ All orders are shipped with USPS tracking, super cute lemon-themed protective packaging, and a handwritten thank you note.

If you plan on gifting this to someone - let us know! We're happy to include cards and personal messages, depending on the occasion.

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